Can you share the color combinations, type or manufacturer of color, and the steps that you take in coloring rock formations. I would like to know how to color formations both light and dark (like sandstone and river rock).

Is the butterfield color system suitable for outdoors (rock formations)? Which color manufacturer do you perfer?

Any and all help is appreciated in knowing how to color realistic looking rock forations.

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I discuss my methods of coloring at great length in the Painting 1 - 4 videos and in every full project series.
Each time I do a project if I add or create something new, I include it in that video series. But other are free to share their process.

I can tell you this....

There is a process (painting) I used a lot for light and dark theory before I started using stains.
If i wanted a dark stone I would base coat the entire area white white and very light tans...then apply the darker colors in layers. And for Lighter stones reverse the process. But there are many ways to paint or faux rock work.

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