Creation Landscape Artisan Educator in the art making FAKE ROCKS.

Keith Tutor has been at the forefront of his art of SYNTHETIC ROCK creation and ARTIFICIAL ROCKS education for many years. Keith is a multi award winning Landscape and Artificial Rockmaking designer whose outdoor and interior works have featured on or about every national Home Decor and Garden Construction television show throughout Australia.

Many of his creations and in particular his artificial rock waterfalls, faux rock waterfeatures and fake boulder gardens are seen as benchmarks for home and professional rockmakers and landscapers to aspire to and have become synonymous with the most realistic handmade rock and naturalscape outdoor living designs made available to the aspiring fake rock and home landscaping enthusiast today.
Keith's talents however are best known on an international level as an educator passing on his SIMULATED and FAKE ROCK innovations as well as lots of ways to make great rock and water projects to a diverse range of home gardeners and stone landscapers in over forty countries around the globe.
These innovations include Artificial Rock Staircases, Step treads and Stepping Stones, Solid Rocks and Boulders, new methods of Lightweight and simulated rock building with Fabrics for hollow fake rock and Transportable Artificial Boulders suitable for both indoor and exterior home and garden patios, terraces, atrium's, sun rooms and interior design and garden themes.

Keith now offers a far wider and diverse scope of home design educational services for the home and professional landscapers. So matter where you are around globe you can take advantage of Keith's innovational skills and years of hands on experience to assist you on projects and ways of attaining the best possible results.

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Hi Keith,
is there an admixture available in Australia to use with mortar rock work, which will enable it to handle saltwater or chlorine environments?
Would it be a waterproofing admixture for concrete? Some products such as superfine flyash are presented as reducing the ingress of chlorides etc into the mortar/concrete, but I wonder about long-term performance.
Also wonder about a waterproofer's effect on ability to stain or acid stain the work for colour finish, as it might block the transport of acid carried colour or stain into the pores of the mortar/concrete.
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