I landscaped my small front and backyard.
I just realized I still got a lot of mixing to do when 
I start remodeling my kitchen. It made me think
where do you guys clean out your tools when your
working on a yard that has landscape from corner to corner?
What I'm planning on doing is taking out s section
of grass and gravel it so I can clean out and not ruin
the rest of it. But obviously you can't do that on 
somebody else's yard.

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A bad freeze and a hot summer killed off most
of my grass so I just cleaned out my tools on whatt
was left. What a mess. A customer would fire me
on the spot. Today I will be laying some new sod
now that the kitchen is done. But I'm leaving a corner with
just gravel cause my master bathroom is next.
Thanks for all the replys. >:-(

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