Hi All. I am a newb to the forum and industry as a whole. Can anyone tell me if I can use frozen or old product. I have 30 buckets of permacrete and 10 buckets of STO from when I did a resurface job. My furnace in the garage went out and I didnt notice. All of the product has been frozen and thawed several times now both Acrylic and topcoat.

Is it junk or can I use it on some small home outdoor projects to try and develope some sculpture chops?

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Hi Alfred,

Thank-you for your comments about my site and for taking the time to check out my art. Regarding the frozen product it does specifically say that it cant be frozen. I just dont know what it changes. I may try calling the companies to see what the ramifications are.

I hate to through out all of that expensive product so I am trying to figure out if there is a way to use it.

Its prob junk. I wouldnt chance it on a customers job. Maybe do some samples at home. Most acrylic products will seperate when froze. If you see floaties in it its bad.

ok-thank you for the insight. I will crack one open and see if I have floaties. Ha floaties, thats great. I have 2 grandkids so have been re-acquainted with a two year old wanting to share water. I know exactly what to look for.

Lol, you can always count on the young kids for leaving you floaties. Ha ha

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