How many of you guys have these franchises in your neighborhood?

I have seen the franchise advertised before, but never thought too much about it...until I started seeing a few displays popping up locally.  I really like some of the ones on the main website, but a few I've seen locally are too much like tombstones for my liking...apparently people are buying them.

Have a look here

...I know of three at one local business, one at another, and a larger one at the local highschool now.  I hope they aren't all freebies.  I'm sure it will take some time to recoup that startup fee. 

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You can do as well or better without spending the money on a franchise. I'm leaning more towards better.

havent seen one around here and im sure we could do better i agree the ones on the site are pretty cool but .....

 cool concept tho, i agree with a little training, heck with a little trial and error. Some one could do some nice boulers, just yet another avenue for vertical concrete. Learn some rebar bending techniques.

No I havn't seen any adds for this type of buesness around my area eather

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