This a reputable forum on concrete work, art work anyway and though there are  different categories within the forum to post on, I don´t believe your CRAP should be allowed in any of them. Something like two years ago you had started all this, later on you joined back in under another name. I suspected it was you again, but appologized giving you the benefit of doubt......Now you come back with that crap again. You must have some mental dissorder man. Please understand we are all here to share, learn and have a nice time. Here´s the mail  you sent me yesterday for God knows what reason;  since I have no exchange with you whatsoever, only thanks, congratulatios, ....namely simple responses to a comment of yours.  Maybe you can explain this : 

"I don't understand why I can't be on live as I use to be, I understand I did something that at the time made Nathan say Hey! But since then I have been keep in a box and am not happy being on this site any longer. When I was taken off, I went to the local library and got right back on as a guy called Frank Norman.  When I met the man and was allowed to get back on line I never was close to being on. With this being said, I say F-U!  I don’t care, but if I do decide, no one will ever know it is me again. So I say, F-U! See you soon…. LOL but you will never know who I am A-H! Good Bye! "

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WTF??? Yeah, something's wrong with this dude!!

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