Seeking among vertical artisans friends for a fals rocks carving job in Tahiti French Polynesia.

Good morning fellows.

I have submitted for a bid to build a fals rock wall in the island of Tahiti. Is someone interested about joining the team for the rock carving? Air fair and all the stay expenses, willl be taken in charge by us. If yes , could yo make an offer for your labor cost, knowing that the job will have to be finished in 1 month max.  The job is scheduled to start in september , october 2012.

Thank you.

Vertically yours!!!!!!!

I have attached an example of what we have done so far last year. A rock wall of  165 feet long and, 32 feet hight.

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Karl, my name is Chris Lloyd, owner of Creative Concrete Concepts here in Lynchburg, Va... I am definitely interested in being apart of a job this size. If you are interested in my lending a helping hand, please let me know!!! Thanks, Chris

Ok Karl you sparked my interest, if you are still looking for help contact me, another Chris :)

Would love to be a part of this!


Has anything transpired from this enquirey guys ? would love to know how it's going if its kicked off

Richard L. Winget said:

Richard L. WInget  My work can be seen at


Thanks for your considerartion.

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