Hello Nathan.

I’m sorry to chat and run yesterday. I am sitting here reflecting on the day. I am simply amazed at how fortunate I am.


When I use my 1 ton Dodge flat bed it is usually fully loaded and on a tight schedule.


Yesterday while we were starting to chat, I ran the tuck down to our lower shop to load some things.


While I was backing down the drive way, the spline between the shaft and the steering box let go. My truck had NO steering!

The last trip had a bed full of tool boxes and a skid steer on the trailer. Next week I was scheduled to take the truck and trailer on a 400 mile trip to help a friend move loaded waste oil tanks.


Thinking about the day, I feel like I have just won the lottery. Can you imagine the odds of loosing all steering on a heavy vehicle at the one time it is unloaded and in front of a shop with tools!


I am only feeling humble and thankful at the moment.

Thank you for bringing this great group together and sharing knowledge about themed concrete.

Thank you for sharing our stucco sprayers with everyone.  This is a great adventure and I have a renewd focus of savoring every moment.


All my best, Happy Thanksgiving


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Nolan, I know this comment was for Nathan, but I saw it here and had to tell you I'm very glad for your great escape from almost certain harm! Close calls like that do much for a man's thoughts, don't they?

Best wishes forward,


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