Looking for expiranced Wall carvers (Chattanooga TN Area)

We are struggling with trying to find good help.  Looking to hire 1 or 2 carvers to help out with our project.  We have over 1,200 linear feet of wall to carve.   I have Chris Lloyd helping me right now out of VA.  So he is a great teacher but I need atleast one or 2 more carvers and I need 2 labors that what to learn but know how to at least work a hand trowell.  

Give me a call at 423-260-1120   Leave me a Voice mail with your name and where you are from.  I am always in need of ideas and good critiquing.  

Willing to pay $900/ week for carvers  plus Hotel   &  $700/week plus Hotel   Willing to negotiate!

We also have a 50ft x 30ft water feature with a panel system that will be going up soon. 

Jonathan Baxley With



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