ok..I'm a total newbie. I've been a member of this site for a few months now. I took my time and watched all the videos.. many more than once. Took my notes, got all excited to try my hand at my first rock carving with all my new tools and I'm having a failure before I can even get to the carving stage. I'm posting a few pics of what I've done in hopes that someone can direct me as to where my failure was. I followed all the try-pac directions.. .using the right water ratio given and the 60lb bag of mortar. I slightly wet the scratch coat before starting. I don't think I went too thick with it. When the mix fell away I could see that I had worked it into the grooves of the scratch coat. I'm not sure where I've gone wrong. Any wisdom shared would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Henry, hopefully we got you back on track.  Happy carving!

thank you Don..hope to have a better result with my next try.

Throw it on as opposed to trowel placed, do not over work once in place, feather any edges to substrate. Good luck next try.

Henry, before you apply the full thickness of your carve coat, try taking a handfull and smear it into your scratch coat. once that is worked in well, then go ahead and throw on the rest of the material. this should greatly reduce your failures

Thank you Jeff and Christian... throwing the mud on sure sounds like more fun. :)  I appreciate your help.

i did that mistake too ,when  my first trying. your scratch coat is wrong . places between lines is too broad! and surface of it is too smooth!! your mud cant keep on it! Don WT sells the tool //Scarifier rake//

It must be make by something like this, believe me ! i gone thru it one time !

sorry for my english :-)

I started over with a new scratch coat...it seems that was the problem. thank you to everyone that helped me out. Im posting todays carving for any critique. Was nice to finally be able to start carving. :)

yes ! that is cool!!

awsome work! did you buy a pre mix batch or make your own?

thank you Tima and Taye.. this sampleboard was done using tru-pac v. It worked well once I learned its working properties. Ive also used the Kirt-bag mix with my sculptural work, it carves beautifully for detailed works.

you are welcome! I wish I can't  use it. I have to make my own. it works well not always.

did you ever thought about making your own batch? i was thinking about buying some pre mix batches but, really the shipping/frieght kills the deal for me

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