Shower done with vertical stamped & stained with concrete accents

Shower is approx. 7'x7' with integral tub. Tub surround is poured in place and polished with tiger's eye and mother of pearl inlay. Window is cast concrete done in the pressed style. Walls are stamped and stained Tru-Pac X.

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Comment by Jesse Aubrey on June 21, 2018 at 6:28am

Did you use anything to waterproof the concrete? Very nice work Grant.

Comment by Grant Evans on June 25, 2018 at 7:20pm

Hi Jesse,

We used e a two part waterproofing system for the walls.  Under the concrete surface we first coat the cement backer board with Laticrete HydroBan.  This is a troweled on waterproofing and crack isolation barrier.   Every surface in the shower except the ceiling is coated (including the floor, the waterproofing is seamless from the top of the walls to the drain). Corners and seams were taped with fiber mesh and pressed into the liquid membrane then over coated for extra durability.

Over the cement (after it has cured) we brushed on 2 coats of Arizona Polymer Flooring Poly 100.  This is some crazy durable stuff that is immune to most chemicals (one listed use is aircraft hanger floors).  Were afraid typical bathroom cleaner used for hard water and soap removal would damage the cement and wear through traditional finishes.  The stuff is obnoxious to use, but is crazy durable. 



APF 100

Comment by Clayton Pautler on August 1, 2018 at 4:48pm

Looks F'N awesome! I'm currently about to start a slab on grade curbless shower in my basement. Linear drain poured in place with tru pac and light texture on the walls.

A few questions,

Did you use spiderlath after Hydroban for walls?

Sealer on walls?

Any advice for slab on grade application? Not much info out there for vertical mixes to slab on grade for showers.

Comment by Clayton Pautler on August 1, 2018 at 9:30pm
Luckily I have two weeping drains that go to the sump right where we're putting the linear drain; exterior and the middle. Plan on using waterproof membrane roll in the pour and at least 18" up covering all the studs and have the rock grade or mortar bed flow to weep drains. Durarock and same waterproofing protocol as you did there after. I figured spiderlath after 2nd coat of waterproof then coating over anchor points. I just want the mofo to last and look amazing. I'll send you an email to shoot the shit.


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