I have a project that is exterior, hand carved and stained i twill be exposed to sun, rain, and freeze thaw. I am looking for suggestions on a low or no gloss UV exterior sealer to protect the stain

(Butterfield) from fading as well as protecting from freeze thaw and other elements without giving the project a fake, wet sealed look. 

Thank you in advance

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You could try a silane penetrating sealer that is often used on cultured stone. Newlook has a waterbased matte finish acrylic sealer that I have yet to try but sounds alright. I personally have never sealed my projects where I used butterfield and have had no problems. I live in Canada so we get all the freeze thaw in the winter and a lot of sun in the summer. Some of my projects have faded slightly but that fading actually makes it look more realistic. By not sealing you can always go back and add color, something you won't be able to do after sealing.

Michael, we are beginning to package up a new sealer designed with vertical in mind. Fully waterproof, UV protection, ultra low VOC(water base), penetrating yet partial film forming to help hold in non resinous colors, and totally matte finish.

Very easy to apply with a pump sprayer.  We are finalizing costs but expect it to be economical in general considering it's properties.

Expected to be out this May.  Stay tuned.


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