Hey Everyone.  Joined the forum a few weeks ago and loving it.  Just wanted to say to the new guys n girls out there, if your heads spinning by the incredible amount of information on the site and you don't know what direction to go in, it's ok. 

I've called Nathan a few times now, and he has always picked up and answered  my questions thoroughly.  I also want to mention Jeff Kirt.  I called him to order my first bags of vertical mix and he talked to me for 45 minutes before we even talked about my order.  A couple other guys  were willing to share their knowledge with me too.  You definitely don't see that a lot where I'm from. So, don't hesitate to engage yourself. And if you're questioning buying Nathans courses.  Get them! You wont be disappointed.  Now just need this weather to break and get the season rolling!

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