Hi everyone,
 I was wondering if someone can direct me to the page on the site where the pay-to-watch video's are? Or were they removed? I was on the page once before, but having trouble finding it again. Doing a project and remember a video that might be helpful with some feffects that we'll be doing. Any help would be great.

Best Regards,
Cloos Effects LLC.

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Curtis, click on the "Artisans Channel" tab, then "Vertical Artisans Channel" in green.
Hey Dave,
Thanks so much. Sometimes I forget to use that thing between my ears. I've been looking everywhere on the site, but it has been the forum site, the not Artisan's main site.
I found it now, thanks for your help...
Have a great one, thanks again... I'll post the video once we wrap up the project..


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