2016 Brawl in the Fall Winner, Dion Battles and Vertical Concrete Creations

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since I have been on the forum. I have tried to upload pica a few different times and it would lock up and not work. So I thought I would try one pic this time and see what happens.
Any way, I want to thank these guys in the pic! They helped me bring my design to life and also to bring home the 2016 Brawl in the Fall 1st place to Vertical Concrete Creations.
The exhibit turned out amazing and it was fun to listen to the Concrete Decor Show attendees! They were blown away be what we created in such a short period of time. I actually had people offer to buy most all of the individual pieces from me.... But the only item that made it home was the huge singing pumpkin.

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