I would like to acknowledge and thank a few great guys that made a special "show & tell" meeting that I coordinated in sunny Southern California. I asked Richard Winget, Authentic Environments, my bud, to come out and show us his Carve Right Mix. Carve Right Mix totally rocks! It's easy to mix, applies without any fuss, and very easy to carve.

A special thank you to Mike Rienwald, Rock "n" Water Creations in Fillmore, California. Mike, your GFRC panels are the best in the industry without question. I've used them for years and I've never had any issues. Thank you for letting us use your panels and facilities to play.

And finally, David Horne, Smith Paints, dude your colors are amazing, great selection, and a wide variety. "Color Wall" is specifically made for our industry and easy to apply. Great product.

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