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Kirtbag Carving Mix Demo

Kirtbag Carving Mix will be in Puyallup, Washington at Valley Supply on April 29 to May 1st. Dion and I will be showing attendees the versatility of Kirtbag while creating realistic wood features. A cant miss opportunity!!!! Come out and learn another technique to add to your repertoire. See you there

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Kirtbag Carving Mix

Hello all. Now that everyone is back from The World of Concrete, I know your pumped up about doing some vertical concrete carving. Regardless of what you saw being done there, the mixes being used are still WAY expensive to buy. Kirtbag is the MOST AFFORDABLE and BEST PERFORMING mix for the money. You will spend on average $21-$23 for Kirtbag when you figure in the type s mortar and shipping. That's around 95lbs of mix for for half what the competition charges. No mix stacks up to Kirtbag… Continue

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Kirtbag Carving Mix

Hello everyone. hope the holidays treated you well. Brief update on Kirtbag. We are currently in 4 stores across the United states and growing daily. The mix is better than ever and will soon be closer to everyone. We strive to keep the prices down and quality up. I truely believe Kirtbag is the best mix out there. We're on our 5th year and the jobs I've seen in person that have been up for years still look like they were done yesterday. The goal this year is to be in as many stores as we can… Continue

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Free advertisement

Hello everyone, i discovered a great way to advertise for free. Most local newspapers offer write ups in certain sections for free. If you call them and tell them what you do, they will request some pics, info on what it is you do, and then they tailor it to fit in a certain section of the paper. I was able to get 3 pics and a half page article in the local paper in the business section describing what i did, what is is, and where i am located. It is also online for the people who may not…


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KirtBag Carving Mix new number

Hello everyone. I am now set up in the state of texas and ready to go. Thank you all for your interest in Kbag thus far, and in the future. Kbag is growing and constantly trying to improve all aspects of the business. I also have a new phone number, its 903 279 7525. Thanks again. Jeff Kirt.

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KirtBag Carving Mix

Hello everyone, just want to update you all on some KBag news. KBag Carving Mix is now available in Canada.  Now my friends in the north can get it. I have also aquired a shipping company that can ship a pallett for $200 or less. Thats right, anywhere in the United States for under $200. Now shipping isnt the issue for purchasing KBag. Im constantly looking to help everyone save money on mix to help this industry grow. Without a reasonably priced mix that performs how you want it to, you…


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Kirtbag Carving mix

Kirtbag carving mix can be used with 60lb mortar mix. Now you can use mason mix and mortar mix. Kirtbag is a 20lb bag of material that is added to a mortar mix/mason mix to make it into a carvable vertical mix. It has great qualities. Its easily troweled, textured, and is very sticky. You can virtually make this mix do whatever you want it to do. It can be put on an inch or three to four inches thick at on time. This is a non lightweight mix that has alot of body and is a dream to work with.… Continue

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