I wanted to get thet ball rolling on this, because I just feel so greatful to have this source to learn, grow, and get motivated and inspired to work in this wonderful craft.  For a little over two years this site has been a daily pilgrimage for me, and along the way, many of you have made your mark on my mind, and inspired many projects to come. I wanted to thank everyone as a group, but also try and give specific thanks to many as well, at the risk of forgetting some along the way. My apologies in advance.


First, thank you so much Nathan Giffin, for putting this site together, maintaining it, and being the one to take this art to a whole new place, and then share it free of charge with the world. I'll never forget the night I stumbled across a picture of your work on the net two and  half years ago. Nothing has been the same ever since. THANK YOU!


The project I'm currently working on has been a work in progress for over a year. From the start, I designed the whole thing in my mind using pictures mostly from this forum. I studied the work of all of you here, and still see the images burned in my mind as I work. I WILL give you all kudo's as the job progresses...

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