My name is Mike Branch from St. Joe, Michigan. I've been a member to VA for a little over a year now. We've been selling decorative products for about 6 years. After watching the entire collection of training videos (many more than once), we jumped in and built a new sales counter last year. We were so excited by the customer response and the methods (alot funner than stamping) we coulndn't wait to do more. We are now committed to building a monument to showcase decorative concrete for everyone to see.

Nathan & I met in person this past January in Chicago and I told him our plans. In early March, Nathan came to our store to help us out. We mixed and threw up 200 bags of Vertifaux in five days... mostly arches! I think Nathan would have worked til midnight if you let him.The work was unbelievable. Nathan takes the craft to a new level and brought us along for the show. I can't say enough, the bar has been raised for us and we will be a better supplier as a result being a part of Vertical Artisans. Nathan is a gifted professional. We are fortunate to have someone as passionate and talented as Nathan moving this industry forward, God's speed!

For those of you who haven't subscribed to Vertical Artisans yet, let me try and pursuade you. A typical 3 day class cost $950-$1500, not including travel, hotel, car, meals, easily $2000 when its all done, and they're good classes. But I can't hit the rewind...its a one time shot. With VA, you can replay videos as much as you like, and Nathan is always adding new stuff. You also have the opportunity to network with your peers.

I remain very optimistic about he prospects for the Vertical industry (and I'm in Michigan). The response we've received has been excellent! We are in Southwest Michigan, 1 1/2 hours from Chicago, we welcome all visitors to see our showroom. Buckle up boys & girls...the fun is just getting started! Would you rather be doing anything else?

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