Hello Vertical Artisans. I posted a few new photos of my "mining cave" rec room.  My wife and I just completed the finish coat although my camera might not do it justice due to the "darkness" of the project.  We've splatter 6 tons of concrete stucco so far and have another 1/2 ton to finish off 2 small tunnels that still need to be framed out -- one for what will be a BB gun range and the other just for show as a gold mine with a gold mining car.  We still have to stain and seal the cave surfaces, add vertical wooden posts to the horizontal ones tied in with the framework and then complete the floor using Belgian pavers.  We also have to install wood plank doors and tunnel covers over the glass block basement windows using 100+ yr old boards for effect. Last, the 1920s  bar has to be refinished including the galvanized  steal sink with drain boards. 

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Comment by August Riveira on August 6, 2013 at 10:41am

Cant wait to see it Eric!


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