Vertical Stone Facing is an art form, with no limitations in creation. It is becoming extremely popular because of the endless possibilities that can be achieved in texture, coloration, size, shape and stone style. Jody Smith Owner/Artisan of Overlay Solutions has been trained in this art form by the best in the industry. Smith has searched for the best training, products and tools that the industry has to offer. Thats why I choose for the latest in vertical concrete innovations. Walt Tools knows the true meaning of quick customer service and fast product turn around. Smith has realized that not just everyone can carve stone from a hand textured concrete canvas. It takes countless hours of practice and precision to turn faux into an illusion of true reality that satisfies his client's visions & dreams.
In the last few years homeowners, architects and designers are becoming more aware of what is becoming a mainstream decorative concrete phenomenon. Vertical Stone facing can offer so much more for the home or business then boxes of factory made stick on stone. You can do so much to the interior & exterior of your home or business, interior walls, refurbish fireplaces, hot tub surrounds, outdoor grilling islands, exterior hardscapes and much more.

Overlay Solutions adds the extras to our creations such as intricate details, quality products, shadow painting, 3D lichens, stunning minerals, real geode inserts, and authentic amethyst clusters. I use many different types of pictures and videos for reference to help my skills in this industry. I am a proud member and subscriber of the Vertical Artisans Forum and training site. The sites were created by Artisan Nathan Giffin of Creative Rock Forming, LLC. This site is dedicated to teaching the tricks of the trade and giving subscribers an inside look at the methods, styles and techniques of vertical decorative concrete. I enjoy seeing all of the pure talent and drive associated with the forum.
I highly recommend you check it out at if you enjoy the art of themed environments and vertical decorative concrete.
There are artisans on the Vertical Artisan Forum that create some of the most realistic replications of themed concepts that I have even seen.

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