Richard L. Winget.


Authentic Environments is in the business of replication and creating imitation worlds of nature, this includes structures that have been built, carved and painted to simulate the look of collapse and decay. Our main focus is to create an ambiance, if you will, out of building products. Often when the project is completed, homeowners find themselves in an environment that is full of exotic mystery, i.e., ruins, waterfalls and strange rock formations that will transport them to an oasis in their own backyard.

A wide variety of plantings can be strikingly beautiful; in almost every case the plantings could be more significantly enhanced by the addition of just one simple item. It is an inherent element that will unify the composition and provide a backdrop against which a landscape designer could create depth, and a sense of continuity, I am talking of course about manufactured Rock work and its place in landscapes.

Years Carving and Painting 21 years
Union local 200 Journeyman Rock carvers Pomona, California

I have won Gold and Silver awards for Best Water Feature (twice), Best New Design Spa, and Best new Design Pool at the Western Pool and Spa Show (WPSS) in Long Beach, California for the years 2004, 2005 and 2007. I have also been recognized in several magazines:

Landscape Management June 2008 Backyard Theme Parks
Pool Science April 2004 Rock Escape to Paradise.
Homes by Design June 2003 A Very Keane House.
Watershapes June 2001 Sculpted for fun!

We are looking forward to being in the press again in 2008.

Prior to starting my own company, I traveled as a freelance artist all over the world, from Taipei to Rio de Janeiro and from St. Thomas in the Caribbean to Honolulu, Hawaii. I have had the pleasure of working with, and learning from, some of the most creative minds in the Industry. I have worked on Water parks, Zoos, Hotels, Casinos, Aquariums and major theme parks all over the world. I now reside in Huntington Beach, California.

My objective with Vertical Artisans is to give young aspiring artists the building blocks they need to start working toward the goal of achieving a level of believability in their work, so as to fool even the trained eye. You can be taught to play a game but how good you are at it is dependent upon your skills as a player and how well you understand the rules.

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Very impressed with your work Richard...I reference your pics often.
Ahhh good deal. Have you seen the project at the Mirage in Vegas yet?

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