This is what I have going on, I am going to attend Thom Hunt's Campinar and I would like to fill my vehicle with three other individuals that would like to attend. I have made this trip before driving solo and it is not to bad, the time I spent with Thom was more than I expected!

 My goal is to attend this event for the least amount of $ as possible. We are all in the same boat, but I can tell you that the $ I have spent on this type of event has benefited my business 10 times fold! I look at it as building my business, I get training from some of the best in the industry and the world, it builds confidence, it makes my business stronger because now I have the resources to call and work with when I have questions or a big project to bid! The relationships that I have built with Thom and Nathan have been more valuable than anything else in my business!


 I will be leaving out of Nampa, Idaho (I have not picked the time and date yet) and going through Salt Lake City Utah and up through Wyoming. I would like to fill my truck with three individuals so that we can all decrease the cost of the trip! We will share fuel and one night hotel each way, it will be cheap!!!!!!! The cost of the event is cheap with all that we will be getting the chance to see and do!


 Please get a hold of me either on this post, by a message, email me at or call me at 208-989-2042. I hope that four of us can make this trip a bad ass one!


 Talk to you soon...................................

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Glad your going dion, will see you there...

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