I have an upcoming project where the homeowner has built a nice koi pond and uses a bio-stock tank similar to the one atthis site.  My original thought was to attach spider lath to the tank and carve directly on it.  However, I am now considering building around the stock tank in such a way that the tank could be removed from the 'tunnel' and repaired/replaced.  I'm thinking a horse shoe like frame that would house the tank.  Any thoughts/suggestions?  I want to have the flow of the tank spill out onto a ledge creating a small fall.



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Yo Chad,  Ive had a pond for bout 19 years that I built myself.  I would be more than happy to help you but I need a few more details and perhaps a few pictures too. My first thought would be to design the falls the way you want then rework the plumbing of the bio-filter to fit?

FYI  My pond has Piranha in it... No Japanese carp for this guy!

Best bet would be to build a CMU wall around the tank using 8x8x8 blocks and then adding your structure and texture coats to the block. 

Dry stack more block in the front creating a ramp.  Higher on the sides.  Structure coat those,  Place your PVC liner on top of the dry structure coat and adding more concrete to the liner locking it in. 

Texture the front fall or wet set  flagstone, river rock creating the fall.



Sounds like a great plan Mike. This will allow the client to remove the tank from the front structure when necessary. Attempting this tomorrow. : )

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