Reading Michael Hyatt's book 'Platform' and working on presentation. I hoped to get some feedback on customer expectations.  What do your clients expect in the following situations:

  • when they visit your website
  • when they meet you in person
  • when they see a presentation (portfolio or visual aid)
  • when they book the project
  • Your vehicle to look like
  • your crew to look/act
  • when they pay
  • after you leave

What would it look like to fail to meet these expectations?

What would it look like to exceed these expectations?


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I  was  looking  though  out  the  site  and  I  stumble  on this post  ,       OMG  who post  this    great    article ? , I  look over   the    the  screen  name  and  I notice  was  you   Chad ,      I  saw  your   videos and   is   very  inspiring   the  way you  conduct and  promove  your  business .

 I  wish you  the  best  luck     ,    the  video of  One  day   wall  with  Nathan  is   amazing   ,   incredible  job  you  guys  have   done .  

Hats  off to you and  Nathan   .  

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