Does anyone have any suggestions/resources to learn to carve wood/bark textures?  I've taken a few attempts but they haven't come out as well as I'd like.  



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I don`t use any texture rollers but some hand made tools
look at my work here and if you like the bark then I can tell you how to do it

Easiest way to get a bark texture without stamps or rollers is take tinfoil, crumple it up, open it and press into your mix.  If u want to get under peeling of the bark take a roofing nail and drag down.  Use the head of the nail.  This will tear the mix and give a natural look to the bark.  Then fine tune with a dentist pic.  I've used this technique on a lot of free hand bark/tree work.  I will post some pics to see if this is the look you are going for.

I'd love to see some pics Jim. Alejandro has been nice enough to share some of his techniques with me, but the more the merrier! Thanks!

The nail technique is a nice one but never drag down do it upward
i will send you some pics and short video to explain a bit

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