What's the trick for getting off all of the foo foo powder before coloring? I think I've watched all the videos, but I seem to have missed this step. I'm sure outside I could use a water hose, but what about a big inside job? 




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It is stated in other videos but bot focused on....

You can Shop Vac it off as much as possible then spray down with a bug sprayer or squirt bottles with water.

Again inside jobs you don't need as much "foo foo"...you just need enough to protect tools.

I spray down with water and have a guy with a shop vac at the base to catch the water.

Hope this helps...
I must be using way too much. If I spray it with a water bottle, it just beads up, and repels water. I can eventually get it washed off but it takes a lot of water. I'll try using less. Even on outside jobs, I have to try to rub everything with a rough rag to get the water to penetrate the powder.
I've just been throwing it on with an old paint brush.
I did some stamping with the liquid release and it was alot easier to color.
I'm sorry if I missed it in the videos!
Thanks for your help.
Agreed, Not all jobs require it...it's only one technique or I should say a help. With structural carving it is a great option and with organic sculpting or positive carving its almost never used.

I'll speak on that for the webinar.
Hey Y'all,
On interior work, I use a shop vac with a brush attachment first, the brush helps loosen the release from cracks and other texture, and the vac keeps dust out of the air. Vacuuming dry seems to be quicker and less messy. After the vac, I pre-spray water with a squirt bottle to dampen the surface and help see where foo-foo is still heavy, then I use a bucket of water with just a dash of dish soap and a tile sponge to quickly finish up. Quick, easy, and thorough.

Thom, I don't have any illusions of being a great artist or even a so-so artist, so stamps will always be a part of my business. It's just a fact of life just like Jennifer Anniston will never ask me out.

thom hunt said:
Nathan , Foo Foo powder , there should be a class to teach how to carve and texture rockwork without stamps , what you think? then there is no need for the unforgiving Foo Foo mess.
I need those stamps too. I don't know about the Jennifer thing, though, People magazine said she still hasn't found the right man. I reckon that still puts you in the running.
I would love to know how. I just always figured that fell more into the realm of sculpting, which I am horrible at!!
Thom is absolutely correct...half of the battle is just learning the tools of the trade and knowing when or when not to use them. Or using something else if needs be.
I have had the same difficult cleaning problem in my limited efforts with using powdered release on vertical, resorting to the pressure washer (outside) to get the piece clean enough to color.  So, last practice effort this winter, I used color hardener instead of the "foo" (or color hardener as the "foo") and it worked surprisingly well.  I had some white in the shop so that is what I used, and it added nice contrast to the finish.  Quite a bit of color hardener ended up bonding to the piece and only dry brush cleaning was required to prep for color.   We also just throw it on with a brush.  Our mix is dry enough that moisture didn't bleed through the color hardener before I stamped and the stamp pads released cleanly.  I think next time I will try some other colors, too also.

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