I have 15 VIP entry tickets for the Concrete Decor show that I would like to make availible to forum members. This will give yuo free entry to the show.

Please email me nolan@mortarsprayer.com ASAP if you want to come say hello at the show.

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Hello Friends,

We have 9 free tickets left.  We will be traveling tomorrow (11th) so if you want to come please call my cell phone, 541-221-1349.

Nolie and I got a hotel for $40 a night through Hotwire. It is in the A area on the map:

"Executive Park - South Park" area

It ended up being this place:


It looks like a heck of a deal for the dollars.    Is anyone else staying there?


Compared To Regular Concrete?
While polished concrete is extremely hard and durable, it isn’t immune to problems. As with all types of concrete, your polished concrete will crack eventually. Concrete cracks initially after installation and over time as it expands and contracts. The good news is careful preparation and installation can minimize cracking and control where it occurs. The truth is many homeowners like the appearance of fine cracks that appear over time in their polished concrete floors. If you are ever bothered by the appearance of cracks, they can be repaired down the road.

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