I have to build a wine room out of a root cellar in NC and was wondering if anyone specializes in this or could act as a consultant on this type of project. I would love to get the bid and do this from soup to nuts so I can understand the process. Any help will be greatly appreciated..... Bruce
The room needs to be kept between 53 & 58 degrees and the humidity should be about 60 to 70 percent

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I have.....the first thing you want to make sure of is that your room is insulated well. Walls, ceilings, even floors and doors.

Some wine cellars have windows ( not recommended ) ....

If you are confident that your room is insulated well enough then you can have a Breezaire cooling unit installed.....or anything like it.

The system can get really pricey and upwards into 10 - 30 k depending on the size of the room but individual units like the one above go from 1800.00 to 3000.00 The only thing left to do is have it installed.

You also want a drainage system if you cooling system requires it. Keep that in mind when your punching holes in the wall for all the plumbing and piping. I say this because I myself have forgot this little detail in the past. I had sculpted an entire cellar, and pre installed the lines from the room to the adjacent room. I forgot one line. I had to drill through 14 inches of concrete for one 1/4" drainage line. Some systems include them and/or are a vacuum line.

The door is important as well.

Basically you want to assure your client that you are developing a system that is energy efficient.

Anyway, I have done several. If you need help on it let me know.

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