Nathan, I am watching quite a few of your videos as I write this question. I am wondering, when you are working interior, how do you get rid of your Ash white release agent before you color? In alot of cases you/I will be working in a room with floor coverings and the use of water will have to be very limited and you wont be able to blow it off cuz of the dust issue? I am currently watching the P1 Color2 video and it appears that as you spray the stones with the base colors, dust flies off? Is that infact release agent dust or overspray? Is it nesesary to get all of the release agent off or will it color with the stone without affecting the durability and longevity of the color?

I have been wondering this question for awhile and wanted to find  

out what you found best to work for you.


  Thanks, Dion

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I think its overspray ...LOL At least in my mind it is .... when I was done carving that area I would use an
shop vac or what I call an (R2 Unit) for those Star Wars fans out there, to clean the surface. Then I would lightly spray down the surface with a spray bottle to remove any more dust. Now its ready for painting.
I also used a sponge as well as you can see when watching the vids. This also embedded color in all those areas.

Some release will still be there embedded in the concrete or pits. This will not hurt the finish but will repel the water based stains or paints. In most cases it actually adds value to the coloring process. At least that's my experience.
If you use Aluminum foil or plastic, then you don't need a release agent.

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