I used a 1:6 cement ratio for my scratch coat is that going to be too weak?

I've built a large mushrooming 1/2 inch steel structure crossing my steel in 8 by 10in squares though the cement that we used was 1:6 ratio portland lime and concrete sand. We went 3 inches thick and now I'm going to add the carve coat as a 1:3 ratio.

What's the worst that could happen with using a 1:6 for the scratch coat in this situation folks?

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Thats a touch question to answer, most will not even try because most know that concrete is as much chemistry as it is a form of construction...... It sounds weak to me as most of my structures are much more richer in cement than that but there are more variables to your question than what you have simply stated.  How about posting some pics of the structure and what your estimated loads will be.   Spans, footings, supports, tie ins and other such data would be good to know going in to answering your questions.   Are you using steel mesh or fiberglass mesh? 

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