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My name is Shawn, I'm from southern California and my background is mostly machining and construction. I have always carved tikis as a hobby and I had a company that molded and mass produced tiki planters. Our molds were carved out of foam, wood, and stone so I have some carving experience. 

Fast forward to about two weeks ago when I came across a vertical carving video on you tube. I couldn't sleep that night just thinking of the possibilities. After a bunch of research I ordered everything I needed from walttools.com the next day. They then passed my number to Nathan and he spent a lot of time on the phone with me explaining some things. I really appreciate the time you spent. I look forward to taking some of your classes. Also a huge thanks to Dion and Jeff at Kirtbag mix. Dion has spent a while a couple different times on the phone while he was on a job site to help me out. Way cool! I can't wait to try the Kirtbag mix when it gets here. Either way I am going to get a pallet shipped. 

Here are my first attempts at carving today. I learned a lot from today and can't wait to carve more tomorrow. One thing I learned is I used the chip brush way too much to clean the grout lines early on causing my corners to round leaving no sharp edges. Any suggestions please give them too me. I am all ears. I am real excited about learning as much as I can. Thanks in advance.

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Not bad for your first attempts

Thanks Nathan but I was cringing to post those but I figured it would be fun to look back later down the road and have a good laugh. I still look at pictures of my first couple of tiki's that I carved, I must of been drunk or had my eyes closed.

Here are some pictures of day two of practice. I still didn't get the look I am after but I learned even more this time around and can't wait until tomorrow when I mix another bag. Hopefully I post something worthy tomorrow. 

Here are the results of my 3rd bag of mix. It is getting better and I keep learning more every time. I already can't wait until tomorrow to try different things. I am going to lay and carve some stairs here too. I have also been playing around with colors but have not satisfied with the results so far. I will post some shots soon.

Today's work, it's getting better....

5th bag of mix. I am fully addicted at this point and find myself studying real stacked rock pictures for hours seeing how they stack up together. I am now going to order a full pallet of mix and stone everything.... It's pretty quite on here I noticed.

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