I have some work I would like to have done on my house in Atlanta. Ive done several searches and have come up empty handed. Im looking to have 2 sides of my block foundation covered in decorative concrete. Looking for a stack rock / random size stone pattern where all stones have squared of corners. I can provide photos of the house as well. Looking at an area about 3 ft high, Around 80 ft long and 6 pillars under the porch. Please contact me on here or email hughes.blair@gmail.com

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OK guys... don't make me fly down there :)   Can we wait until the snow melts :0  thank you and great posting.

Good talking to you yesterday Nathan. The picture is just for reference to see how much of the foundation is above grade. Would I need to pull the dirt away so the decorative concrete goes all the way to the footings of the house? Probably another foot or so of dirt.

You would only need to remove a lit bit if in fact your just going to replace it or cover it up to grade.  Most of the time I go to the grade.

Sounds interesting. Im in st. louis mo and have family in atlanta. Would love to talk to you about your project.

Right now im in the planning process. Looking at costs vs using engineered stone or natural stone. What does something like this generally run per square ft?

Thats a question you would ask a track home builder installing lapsiding or stucco!

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