Just finished watching Mike Vernelson's Granite Style Carving  video on the Artisans Channel.

At the end of the video it says to "Advance to Part 2." Does anyone know how to get to part 2 if it does in fact exist. Mike's carving is amazing and I would like to see more. Thanks. 


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Coming up....part two is a continuation of shaping and carving but will be for reference.
Waiting for software upgrades for the release. By the way Dave did you get my message today on your work line?
Thanks Nathan. Deleting the temporary Internet Files did the trick.
Looking forward to updates of the Concrete Nation Group.

Can anyone point me to this video. I can't seem to find it. Thanks -Pat O'Connor

its the next vdo... but its not marked as such.... editing error.

if you have the Mike V Positive Carving Course you have he entire body of work to day... there is more coming ... being edited currently

Hi Nathan great fan of your site. I am a artist hobbyist and not a professional I was more interested in the 49.95 video he did granite carving part 1. Someday I may indulge in the 900.00 to 600.00 subscriptions but I was just was looking for some introductory instruction on carving during the design phase for dry stack look. I am doing a smaller wall art project but of course I want to get it right and need some guidance so I don't muck up the first try . I am learning scale and placement and also but mainly design. Thank you for spending the time and hard work keeping your site going it is really done well. Great minds here!  Thanks - M. Pat O'Connor

There are no more 45.oo VDOs form Mike V... there is the Watch and Learn  series for 195.00

you can choose to spend what ever you want .. its a investment in you.  As far as the Dry Stack look .... this style actually does have some rules.  You will find them in the CORE Course... under Design Rules Section.

I can not break up the course.... however you can ask anyone who has ever purchased the CORE .... the investment is minuscule compared to the data you get and the knowledge you will obtain if you watch the entire course...

If your on a project you may want to consider the cost of not knowing what your doing rather than the cost of what it takes to get it done.

I kind of got that.. Nathan  I am sure I am not quite at "not knowing what I am doing"  but as a very wise old timer told me " just learning and growing" that for me is the fun... bless ya! -Pat

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