Hello fellow artisans,

I have a project that I need help with that is one of the biggest projects I've had to date.  However, it's raised a couple questions before I decide to take it on.  A restaurant is remodeling and doing an "Indiana Jones-Theme" according to their plans.  I've only done residential work to date an need help. 


I've provided a couple pictures of the type of work looking to replicate.  My questions are:


1) What type of material are they using and how is it applied? (Shotcrete, premixed blend with sprayer, troweled, etc)


2) How much can one expect to accomplish in a day with a 1-2 man crew? Are they any basic guidelines or industry standards that are in place (50sqft/day, 100, etc)


3) How do you estimate this type of large scale project? What's the price per square foot?  Only decorative concrete application, no building....


Thanks!  ANY info I can get on this topic would be extremely helpful.

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Plaster mix,  pumped or hawk and trowelled.

Me and  2 guys could texture something like this, simple flat, not too much carving....150 sq./ft. a day.

Coloring........500+ sq./ft. a day.

$18-$25 sq./ft.


Thanks Mike!! Exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to update with pictures

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