I was wondering if anyone has used the thoroseal waterproof on any of there projects. i can get it locally at the Home depot. From my understanding it has to be mixed with acryl-60. i was going to apply it over my scratch coat. This is my first hand carved outdoor water feature with a waterfall. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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by the way, its a cement based product that has to be brushed on in 2 coats
Chris I used it on the otter exhibit extension that I did and it worked great. Very easy to apply by mason brush or you can hopper it on as well. I put on two coats over the scratch and it is mixed with acryl 60. I used a hopper on the first coat and brushed on a little wetter mix to fill any pin holes. It worked great, alot easier to apply and better then Drylock.
Thanks Jody. i was going to use Drylock, but since you said that, i am going to use the Thoroseal. Thanks to you too Richard. i really appreciate your input. Jody, I landed a bunch of work starting at the end of July in Charleston, S.C.. I would love to get up with you see some of your work!!! We are doing a bunch of overlays and some crazy stains on a bunch of condos, would love to meet up and see some of your stuff. Thanks, Chris
Chris I have used Drylock also, but man this is such a better method. So much faster and more effective!

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