I've been reading up on various sources the proper way to prep a surface prior to installing vertical concrete. For interiors most common would be metal lathe or spider lathe and the scratch coat and finish vertical.

For exterior it seems there are far more options... Which is the best practice for preventing call backs, water issues, cracking etc? Is the method used the same as what is done for stone veneer? Two layers of felt paper, mesh, scratch coat and then final vertical coat? (For wood exteriors) if its a foundation or other concrete wall such as retaining walls etc do you still use metal lathe, scratch coat and vertical or do,you just use a bonding agent without the lathe? I'm considering making the lathe a standard practice, although more costly, as it seems to allow for,a,mechanical,bond not,just a chemical one...

Please let me know what others practice and preach.

Nathan? You've done a lot of exterior work as well, what do you recommend?

Thanks so much!

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