Hi.   I am in a wonderland of concrete projects.  One though is building granite boulders for a pool feature to reduce the need for very heavy foundations so the feature wll not move or affect the pool.  Here in Phoenix , AZ  the majority of native rock is a medium brown colored rough textured granite which is a old granite that is closer to decomposition than others.  What I need to find is an application technic that gives that uniform rough texture. I thought about a texture gun or a morter gun or perhaps applying vermiculite with a light spray over that?  Any other suggestions?

  Also has anyone used sandbags as a way to preform a design and then reinforce over that ?

Also on top of that is anyone using  EVA polymer instead of acrylic polymer ?  and if so what is the observed differences  in the product and workability? 


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As for technique... you should purchase the Mike Vernelson Course on the Vertical Artisans Site.   There is a technique that will totally fit the aged granite look you desire....

If you need assistance don't hesitate to call.... 708.233.9394 Vertical Artisans Home Office.

I have used sandbags plenty of times It is a cheaper way to get rid of dirt if you have dug footings. They can also be stacked to fill up voids  and will pass inspection call me if you need any more help 805 857 2544

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