So I sign up for the ROCK DESIGN COURSE 1 & 2 and get filled with ideas on a new outdoor retreat project that I have coming up. I am blown away by the details and possibilities that can be created from the many concepts. So I present a Moon Gate concept to the clients that will have a arched pergola spanning the 20' x 20' stone patio with gas lighting, fire pit, seat walls, full water feature, full landscape installation and much more. RESULT they are floored by the concept and the budget on their project went up $20,000 more dollars to make it happen. I have been in Professional landscape design for many years but the ideas provided in the course refreshed a whole new pallet of creation! You can print, laminate and create a design portfolio that would cost thousands of dollars to have created. One that truly sells itself. When you hand your clients a design portfolio and they say "I WANT THAT" all thats left is deciding the final cost. If you don't have this in your war chest you need to get it!



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