I've been wanting for some time to open a thread for reference pics. We all live in different parts of the world and have our own collection of reference pictures, so lets share them. I'll get this started

This is some water worn granite from Long Island.

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Very Nice!

Warren Ness said:

We have a tone of broken up rocks in mountains of Cascade and even on the Eastern part of Washington. Ill start taking pics

Thats where I'm from August. The Pacific NW is the most beautifull place in the country!

I like the color in this one

Put them in the photo section that way you can create a album of ref..... these are awesome!

I love those colors too, nice and subtle. Good idea with the album.


Mike what part of WA are you from? I know a place you would be quite impressed. You can only get their by kayak. Metaline Falls is a town in Pend Oreille County.  I use to Helicopter log and also know the Cascade pretty good. I was thinking of learning how to cast my own stamps. I have ton of ideas where to go.

Mike Vernelson said:

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