Recently I attended the Faux event in Atlantic city with some other decorative artists. The event had many concrete reps and it was nice to be at an event with everyone representing the same types of products were grouped together for easier comparison. The cream rose quickly to the top and me being a cheese lover scooped it rite up and licked the spoon. This is how I met Nathan from Vertical Artisans Forum. Nathan is a nice well informed and giving person. I have asked allot of questions on this project and of the products they sponsor on his site and Nathan gave me all the time and help needed to complete this project. After attending the show I phoned Nathan and joined Vertical Artisans. Flex-c-ment and Wayne were also extremely helpful as well. They sent me home with a fireplace mantel CD and it was very helpful and informative. Thanks Guys

The project:

I am working on a lobby in Tribecca and it had three drywall-boxed areas that look like beams. I was going to finish them to look like the Mahogany trim on the front doors, but something kept me from starting the paint on the beams and I know why now…Vertical concrete.

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Hey Bruce,
Excellant job! I have been wanting to get into this also but I have so many others I am trying to wrap up before I start another. I have been following vertical artisans and Nathan for quite sometime and have even talked to him a couple of times on the phone. He really is genuine and has a passion for teaching this artform
I am trying to complete a venture I have been working on for a long time and as soon as this is done I'll finally be able to venture into this medium as well.
Thank you for your positive words ... I think the key to adding vertical concrete is "integrate" I am going to utilize our economic downturn as an opportunity to integrate this as quickly as possible... I feel this economy is the perfect time to prune down cut the fat and enjoy what we have..Time to get back to basics. The thing I find I have been wasting more then money is the chance to develop and utilize what I have learned over the past few busy years....I would rather expand my horizons in a down market then try to do it in a bull one...Trust me this economy will turn before you know it and you will be even further ahead of the game...Ho
I ordered 20 bags of concrete from Ill to be delivered to the site 10 for New York and 10 for my studio in CT to practice with and some wood stamps and a 10in trowel. I grabbed a sheet of Hardy backer and gave it a go…It was pretty straight forward and not having allot of time to work with the product before installing it. I figured how hard could it be? With wood graining being my strong suit I understand the way wood grows and it’s characteristics…

Step 1)
Mix and lay on concrete 1/4in thick, smooth it out spray on release agent and start stamping. I cut the stamp into three separate pieces so it was easier to handle and away I went. I did one side a day as it was my 1st time working with it. I carved the gaps and a few cracks for realism. As it started to dry I rubbed it to keep the cracks out and soften it a bit.

Step 2)
After finishing all the sides I had some small cracks in the beams and the cracks run vertically instead of horizontally (of course) so I mixed up some Portland and painted on a light coat to cover the cracks. Worked great.

Step 3)
Next I painted it…soft grey and over glazed with umber…Very easy to do. I did not use any topcoats I think it’s unnecessary for this application.

In closing the client is thrilled and so am I ….I love something new to add to the repertoire…I look forward to learning more about this process. I think this will be my new quest for 09
Many thanks to Nathan and Wayne

Can you tell me , how you applied the cement was it a vertical mix or ws it a home made vertical mix ??? Can you tell the process for this mix , I have a customer wanting something similar too this beam look.

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