A big thanks for coming out to Eugene not only to learn but busting @$$ to help Nathan and I get it done! You guys [and gals!] seriously rock! Its never easy trying to make so much happen in such a short time with cameras over your shoulder all day, but surrounded by people like all of you I think only good could come no matter what! I have a ton of great ideas for next springs class including epoxy work. I'm going to make this the most comprehensive class ever done on tree and wood work. There are just a few guys in the country who truly know the proper uses of this specialized material and how to manipulate it into photo realistic wood and bark. I'm hoping to maybe pull Ken Tywoneiw and Spencer Dean into the mix for this class. Want to also demonstrate tecniques using my methods of painting trees and rock as well as a refresher in rock carving. Theres no better way to learn than physically watching someone do it and ask the questions. I'm glad this oppurtunity exissts for all off us. Nolan, BIG thanks to you and your family again for the great hospitality!

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You can count me in for that class.....thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge Mike.
I have to say thanks for what was shared during this class from Mike and Nathan. Nathan always has great information and innovative techniques within his style of concrete artistry. And now he has stepped it up to the next level by bringing in top caliber guys like Mike Vernelson and others that Nathan told me he is working with.

As far as Mike- I have attended quite a few different classes over the last three years and I have had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many individuals. Mike, I want to personally thank you for the time you spent with all of us in Eugene. In an industry filled full of secrets, egos, talking behind others back, big bisness bs, etc, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your humbleness, professionalism and desire to be normal! You have a masters talent in what you do, it shows in your work and in how you present yourself. From my point of view, it was fun to see how you came onto the training site kinda quite and personal (without the BIG DOG attitude) and then opened up as the time went on. I appreciated that. It was nice to get to know who you are and realize you are just like the rest of us. I look forward to seeing you again in the future, talking with you more and maybe someday being able to hire you on one of my projects.

As far as Nathan- thank you for staying true to your vision on what Vertical Artisans is all about. You are doing positive things for this industry and helping those of us that own and operate small vertical carving businesses. This is an industry that is in its infancy and there is a whole new world out there with a tremendous amount of work for all of us. As long as we continue to work together, answer each others questions and help each other out, we will advance this industry at the level we need it too. Also, Nathan, your trainings are of great quality and great content. By bringing in guys like Mike Vernelson, you are taking it to the next level! Please don't let the momentum slow down. As far as setting up a new training facility like the one in Lorane Oregon, it is a big undertaking by a lot of people. I think there were a few things that needed to be more streamlined or maybe overlooked, due to the fact that there are a few different people involved. One thing that impresses me about you, is that you ask for other peoples thoughts and ideas and you don't take offence when a comment is made. Because of that, this training facility and future classes are going to go over flawless with curriculum, materials, tools, co-sponsor presence, etc. You got the first one out of the way, now watch out everyone, because the best is yet to come!

As far as Nolan- thanks for the great location and idea for this facility. From my experience there is nothing like this in the industry. And one thing that I like is that it is not his private residence that he is offering up as a class location and then he benefits in the end. He is planning on allowing his friends in the industry to stay there and use it as they travel through, maybe holding other functions there once it is complete. That is a way to give back to this vertical artisan community, thanks. I think by working close with Nathan, getting more involvement from co-sponsors and listening to the class attendees, you will be able to make these classes and location epic!

Well enough said by me, I am sure you are tired of reading my bs. But thanks to Nolan, Nathan and Mike, I look forward to future classes and long lasting friendships!

RIGHT ON DION!! i so wish i could have been a part of this and will do all i can to not miss another oppertunity like this again! thanks to all for sharing pics and thoughts us who didnt make it appreciate it very much!!

Thanks Dion, well said!


Dion said more than I can type but ditto , you have a wealth of knowledge and we really appreciate you taking the time to share.

Look forward to your next class



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