This product is awesome and will be a good product to use for the molds.

Available throughThe Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.


I used one bag and made 5 pieces with it. 


Started with about 5 quarts of water.   I did not try to make it to watery ( self leveling )

I stayed to the mixing requirements.


I also used a fiber mesh and 1 cup of 1/2 micro fibers.

I used Pam as a release agent...a very light coat.

Use chip brush to cover mold with material....this help in reducing air bubbles int he final product.  Not a big concern but it does make for a nicer product.

I let the mold sit over night.


No cracks

De-mold was easy....still be gentle just in case

The pieces look awesome...very white and ready for paint/staining

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