Tru-Pac, Flex C Ment, SBC's Mix(3000$ to find out) or Urban Craftsmen($159)

Excuse me, but I am a beginner and I'm wondering what the big secret about these mixes. I am trying to find a cost effective way to learn this wonderful trade. I am not trying to take over someones business, just adding  a nice touch to my home. Can I make a mix from materials from Home Depot that compare to those listed above. Any input is appreciated. It just seems that this is such a big secret.


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Wow !! This Thread has been great !! keep it comin' guys . I guess the biggest difference is that Iam just barely beginning in this trade and coming from Nathan's perspective of mixing it yourself  and throwing it on the wall , I guess more of a interior residential style, rather than a commercial style. For instance I just scratched my son's bunkbeds ( made out of 2x6's) and I am going to mix up a batch of trupac and throw/trowel it on and carve it , and do my best to make it look like real stone. A far cry from backing up a truck to a pump and shooting it on !!

Dont forget the lathe Ryan! lol.

Mike Vernelson said:

<snip>  Fiber is ok for thinner applications but you dont want fiber in anything you are carving. Fiber would do absolutely nothing unless enough is added which would be way too much for carving....." <snip>

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge with this community.

What are the key methods for preventing shrinkage cracking with the massive areas you shoot and carve? water reducers?, plastic wrapped cure? No fiber?


















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