Hi Everyone,

 Quick question. I have a client I'm doing a exposed stone for over  painted block on the lower level of their home.

 I would normally use a bonding agent then scratch coat, but usually it's raw block. I'm concerned that being the paint sealed the pores on the block that I'm completely relying on the bonding agent to hold up the vertical?

The paint is very sound with no chips or peeling, has anyone applied bonding then scratched over painted block, and were there any problems if so?

Any input would be great and help put my mind at ease...

Thanks in advance..


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I've put binder over painted drywall and scratched it. Stuck great.

Thanks Jeff for the input and so fast. It puts my mind at ease. I just was concerned about the paint/block filler. I plan on sanding it down with some 60 grit and cleaning it with some TSP to allow some grab for the binder. Thanks again..

No worries. If you think about it, paint and binder are both acrylic based, so it should bond very well. Key is your condition of the paint as you stated. Good luck.

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