What Sub Contractor License Do You Use And How Do I Get One ?

Hello all. I am curious what type of license you guys are using for your business? For example is it a masonry license, stucco license, artists license etc. ? What would you recommend and how do I go about getting one. Thanks!

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What state do you live in?   The laws are different for everyone...is it a right to work state?

I live in the Chicago land area and all I have is a GL and a business lic.# registered with the state.

It different in Cali ... I know for a fact.  Other states I'm not sure of....Somebody said if your a Packers fans all you need is 5 or more teeth and you can work.

I read that some where, or maybe I wrote it down and then read it some where:)


Ha ha I wish all it required was at least 5 teeth :)  I live in Utah. What is a GL ?

General Liability


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