I'm about to start a few rustic tops for bathrooms, and would like to try out an oldish variagated look, based on using white and grey portland, as well as different stain  tones. My big concern is how the two cements may perform as each of them exhibit  a difference in drying/curing time which may lead to "undesired " cracks. Would the addition of acrylic resin take care of that, or should I use a retarder ? Thanks guys for any input

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I sometimes mix 50-50 white grey on my overlays. All white makes the color too bright. With all Portland the color is so dark it takes more color to get the look that you want. Most concrete color charts are based on cured concrete which is a light grey. I do not know if there is enough drying time to make a difference.

Good question is there something to use to avoid the cracking from the cement curing to quickly?

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