Vertical Artisans is going to pull permanent advertising to the public via Bob Vila. The Bob Vila Site is a great public site with millions of viewers all over the country. Help us promote YOU. This forum and all contributors will be listed as Vertical Artisans ready to execute the craft of stonefacing.

The Advertising package offers over 50,000 front page impressions each month and a show room that generates a lasting impression with pictures and video. The cost is a little over $12,000.00 but myself and other manufactures will match contributions provide by the community.
Help us help you raise leads for your business. Give what you can and clean up your profiles so as the public can find you better. A special video will be made featuring pictures from those who have donated with their names and contact information in the show room.

Those Who Donate will also be ( FEATURED MEMBERS ) this page will also be listed in the showroom.

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So far Three of you have Supported this effort...


Current Contribution is $95 dollars.


We at last count have 891 members on this forum.   To reach our goal we need $5905.00 more.


That's just about $7 dollars from each of the remaining members yet to contribute.


Remember this is to advertise this forum ... YOU and your work to the general public.  Please contribute what you can by clicking the above  ( Chip In ) link.


Also make sure your profiles are updates and have the states your willing to work in accurate.  This craft is growing and we are going to be a viable in the market place.  The manufactures are not advertising the craft to the public so I will start ...We will start... I want so badly for you all to succeed at this venture.


God Bless!

It seems that this is an all or none proposition?

To compete with 891 people I'd kick in $10. For a little more exclusive listings I'd be willing to spend several hundred or more. In my normal business it is not uncommon to spend $2500 for an advertisement that is good for 1 month in my local market area.

It would be nice if you had more options available or if only lets say 10 or 20 want to participate how can we make this proposal work for them and the rest of the members as well?

I am willing to make special features on the web site for members who go above and beyond the call of Duty :)
This is not a all or none prop...I an going to do this one way or another...who gets the credit and most exposure is another thing.... I have had my eyes set on this site for some time now ... it will happen.

Just so everybody understands completed what I'm trying to do.... goto


You can goto the Showrooms and see the current advertisers.... THERE IS NO DECORATIVE CONCRETE right now...

I want to change that.


Our Banner will have nice attractive pics and a good design to pull in people to a splash page highlighting our craft, materials, and contractors.

The show room will do the same.




Thanks for your response.

I just want to let you know that you have a excellent site here and I truly thank you for the opportunity to post my Profile here at no charge and recommend clients to this site as well. I am happy to be a member here as there is a lot of good info and conversation.

But I hope you understand that I don't take partnerships lightly. (which is what this advertisement program effectively is) I think hard before I commit but once I do, I commit.

I am interested in what you have to offer yet though the proposition sounds promising it lacks the necessary formula of - Whats In It For Me! (sorry I'm not trying to be confrontational)

Please understand I am not trying to be flippant. Like you, I am interested in generating more business in the Vertical Cement Overlay business. (in fact am very excited by the opportunities) I am working on a new web site for this business as an add-on to my current business so wish to know that my advertising dollars will bring some bang for the buck.

If you have additional info you can forward to me I would appreciate it or if it is easier to relay the info by phone then feel free to give me a call.

Thanks for your time.

Michael Olding at  513-403-3344




I completely understand...and I appreciate your gander.   It really is very simple from my perspective.   I'm going to advertise the forum regardless of the participation.  I want you guys to get projects.   I think the public should know about it.   If others believe in what I'm doing and join in, I will do my best to put them in the "front" of the pack so to speak.   If this was a regular business deal then "what's in it for me" would be the central focus of the arrangement.    This is more of a strength in numbers thing.   I want to propel this  craft and spark the public in our favor.    Remember these efforts are for the whole of our craft in a vast market place.   If I can get some positive feed back and really turn some heads I feel we (as a whole) will be put in demand.   I can't do all the work.

I don't even want it...I have enough on my own :) 


For a more structured deal please look at the site..

I have great hopes for that site as well for all of us.

I appreciate your response, value your efforts and will consider the information you have provided. Thanks you for your sincerity.



We all have p!ssed away more than $7.00.  I think that is a small price to pay for possibly 1 job from this advertisement.  Do I truly believe I will get 1 job?  Questionable.  As I said $7.00?  I will continue to contribute as I can. 
I'm more of a hobbyist, but found it within my scope to put up some $.  Hopefully some of you will benefit from my contribution.  Like Nathan Brownell said...I think we spend this much (nearly) on a stop for some fast food.  Surely a little coming together to help a good cause is in order. 
Now Nathan, my favorite pub on Mondays and Wednesdays has Guinness pints for $3.50, which is 2 for $7. So yes, I literally p!ss away $7 quite frequently, and cannot think of a better way to dispose of my money in $7 increments. That said, I get your point, and will contribute accordingly (here, that is). Thanks for putting things into perspective for me!

Nathan Brownell said:
We all have p!ssed away more than $7.00.  I think that is a small price to pay for possibly 1 job from this advertisement.  Do I truly believe I will get 1 job?  Questionable.  As I said $7.00?  I will continue to contribute as I can. 
So what do you think of the Mag Cover???

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