Yesterday I got into Vegas around noon.   After checking in I went straight to the convention center and hooked up with Butterfield Color and the guys.   Ed Swarvek also showed up and thanks to him I was able to get my hands on some hot knifes.  

What faces me is two 4' x 4' x 8' tall styrofoam blocks that I am gonna convert to Balsalt Pillars.

We finished the curved wall that will sport a water feature with three falls in between the two pillars.  I am gonna take some pics today in the morning and at night to show the progress.

I am starting today at 5:30 am which is really 7:30 am Chicago time.   I will be able to do this for a few days until I get amalgamated to the local time.



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Glad to hear you made it, Nate.  I was really close to coming out there and having a look this year, but business travel wouldn't lend itself.  I'm looking forward to seeing the images, and hope you can add it to your project list soon.  I''ve been dying for another video ;-)


Kind Regards,



nate, cant wait to see some pics. wish i was there. tell keith and dan from butterfield that i ( they call me Rooster) said hello. have fun


I will tell them for you Chris.....Today I almost finished the sculpting of the foam.....The Basalt looks awesome!!!   I will have pictures tomorrow...sorry guys I was tired and hungry...I will take shots in the Morning and at the end of the day....Its looking good....

Ok ....Today was a treat....long and no shade....but we managed to get the scratch coat on all the sub straights.

Chris I forgot to tell the guys ...I will tell them tomorrow...I wrote it down so I would remember.

Here are some pictures.

This was the back side of the foam...a lot of carving ahead...

This is a few shots of the carved foam.....

This is a shot of the middle scratch coated....

Now today we scratched the Basalt

So it looks OK and tomorrow I'm carving the back wall and water feature elements...we will see how it looks tomorrow.

Don't worry...I have some video footage as well guys:)  There will be a project overview.

looking good nate. i love your design with the basalt. looking forward to finished pics and video. GREAT WORK!!!


Just waiting for my plane from Puerto Rico to Las Vegas with my kids and wife. Be there on Monday, Great job. Will try to sneak in. LOL


Eric Ayala

I cant imagine the mess of foam on the floor.  Looks great!  I never got into useing foam.  See you soon.

It was nice meeting you today Nathan! The rockcarving you did on the waterfeature today looks awesome!

looks great nathan! wish i could make there, no woc this year for me. cant wait too see finished pics!
Looks great! I installed some glass block panels for the cement finishers local #502 just recently, There coming to the convention, I told them to look u up at the booth. There names are Pat Lacasa & Russel Simoncelli.
Yeh baby! Vegas here we come!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see it in person. Mike I will be giving you a call.........

Glad I got the chance to see everyone's progress at WOC. There's going to be some amazing displays! Exhibits open tomorrow!

Nathan says hi to everyone, he's been working until after midnight, so I don't think he's had a chance to post any pics. Here's a few!


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