Yesterday I got into Vegas around noon.   After checking in I went straight to the convention center and hooked up with Butterfield Color and the guys.   Ed Swarvek also showed up and thanks to him I was able to get my hands on some hot knifes.  

What faces me is two 4' x 4' x 8' tall styrofoam blocks that I am gonna convert to Balsalt Pillars.

We finished the curved wall that will sport a water feature with three falls in between the two pillars.  I am gonna take some pics today in the morning and at night to show the progress.

I am starting today at 5:30 am which is really 7:30 am Chicago time.   I will be able to do this for a few days until I get amalgamated to the local time.



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Thanks for posting the pics Josh.....and yes I was carving till midnight yesterday so I didn't post anything....Today was good.   I finished the Basalt....well actually I didn't finish the is only a scratch coat because I ran out of time.   I think I have to much going on right now.   Anyway, I tried to make the basalt look as good as I could ...with out the carve coat mind you...I was bummed because I had some really neat ideas on the carving side.   So I just painted the scratch coat LOL.

The rock work in these next photos just has two colors as a prep for more tomorrow morning.   Door open at 9 I think.

Today was a long day but at least I have gotten to go home early and catch up on some sleep....I will be ready to go tomorrow and have some neat things to wrap up.   I also want to shoot some footage of the artistry so many of you can check out whats new.
Where can you get large foam blocks like that?

I try to get all the carving done before the convention.....Foam blocks are in most states...just google it.    If you tell me what state your in I will try to source it for you.   

Today was the last day on carving, tomorrow will be a finishing of the colorization process.  

I hooked up with Dion Battles today ( you know him as the team leader of the Sewer Rats on the Junk Yard Wars TV show ) we had a good time.    I will also take some footage shots of the areas of interest.

Great design, Nathan.  I like the way it fits in with the stamped floor.  Are you going to customize the flower pots?  All you carvers in Vegas, keep them cards and photos coming for us Vegas-challenged folks.


It was a pleasure meeting you today @ the WOC show. Your waterfall display looked awesome. I look forward to someday attending one of your classes one of these days. Thank you for the inspiration to learn this art, the T-shirts and the photo-op.

Looks great!
Today is my last day here.....I will take final photos and go back to sub zero weather:)   I wish I had two more carve days to finish the basalt but it is what it is....No I don't think Ed will be able to take this one..LOL...but there are several who have wanted it.   In less than 12 hours all of this will be picked up by big front end loaders and trashed.    I have never seen the process...I'm sure it is quite a spectacle.

The show is over and all is well.  There are some things I would have liked to have done differently but there you have it.



Actually of some of you can post some pics of the piece that would be great.
Here's a few more pics. I'll get more show pics posted on my page over the next couple of days.
Nathan, Very glad I was able to make it down and catch up with you the last day of the WOC. Great water feature design and great work as usual!!!

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